Our Pedorthic Team makes lifts, custom orthotics and does prescription alterations by appointment.
There is a $25 consultation fee to meet with a Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped).
Appointments are scheduled weekdays from 10:30am - 5:30pm at the Central InStep Location.                                      
  • If your Rx does not indicate that you need an appointment, please feel free to stop in to either InStep location for help from one of our trained staff. 
    • Our Store Hours are 10 to 6 Monday-Saturday and 12 to 5 Sunday.                                                                                                  
  • If your need is urgent or if you do not know if you need an appointment, please contact InStep in the Triangle at 512-476-5110. Our Scheduler or Store Manager can help you determine if an appointment is needed.                         

InStep believes that good patient care begins in a kind, respectful and caring environment.
Our goal is to help you return to an activity level that promotes your overall health and wellness.

What is a Pedorthist?

We are not physicians; we do not diagnose foot problems.

A Pedorthist is trained to evaluate, design, manufacture, modify and fit footwear and foot orthoses to alleviate problems caused by disease, overuse, deformity or injury pursuant to a written prescription from your doctor. (MD, DO, DPM, NP, DC)

How can a Pedorthist help me?

We will listen to your concerns, evaluate your feet and make recommendations.

With your medical referral, we will work with your doctor to develop a treatment plan that will lead to a higher level of comfort and function. This may include new footwear, custom or preformed foot orthotics and alterations.

Do I need a prescription for orthotics?

We make many kinds of orthotics; some require a prescription and some do not.

Functional orthotics alter or correct the biomechanics of your foot allowing it to 'function' more normally. Functional orthotics can only be made by prescription.
Accomodative orthotics are designed with the primary goal of conforming to the shape of your foot and can be made without a prescription.

InStep has 2 Board Certified Pedorthists (C.Ped) on staff. Both of our C.Ped's work out of our Triangle location where we have our evaluation rooms and fabrication lab. Appointments can mode for Monday through Friday 10 am - 5pm. A $25 consultation fee to work with a C.Ped is due the day of the appointment.

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