Why did my doctor give me a prescription to a shoe store?

Your doctor wants you to get new footwear, new orthotics and/or both as part of your treatment plan.

Many of the prescriptions we see have instructions for specific alterations or adjustments.

Since we cannot diagnose foot ailments, the Diagnosis listed or marked on the prescription gives us guidance on fitting and selling products or alterations that your doctor will approve.

Sales Tax Exemption Texas Law exempts items purchased using a current prescription (within 1 year of date written) from Texas Sale Tax.

*Use your HSA or Flex Card *The prescription serves as proof that the item purchased is a "medical device" or medically necessary.


Do I need an Appointment?

No, UNLESS your Rx says you need one.

If your doctor gives you a prescription for Orthotics or Footwear or Both you do NOT need an appointment unless your prescription is marked "Appointment with a Pedorthist" typically on the upper right hand corner on the paper prescription.

Our entire staff is trained to help you find the right Orthotics or Insoles and we just love to see your smile when we find just the right things to ease your pain and get you walking comfortably again.

If you have a prescription that is marked APPOINTMENT WITH A PEDORTHIST Click here to go the Appointments Page.


What should I bring?

Please bring your prescription with you when you visit the store. Please bring or wear the shoes that you wear the most. You are welcome to bring multiple shoes.

Request an Appointment.